Environmental Policy

Everything we do has an impact on our environment; ON LX is committed to minimising its impact on our climate through actions both big and small.

Our current environmental policy covers

  • Minimising waste by evaluating our internal operations and ensuring maximum efficiency.
  • Constructing all of our products in a modular fashion to enable upgrades instead complete unit replacement.
  • Implementing rechargeable batteries in products where possible.
  • Actively promoting recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers.
  • Developing designs that can be easily and fully dismantled at the end of their life.
  • Considering appropriate materials to extend the lifetime of our custom systems as well as reducing the overall weight of our products (for shipping and practical reasons).
  • Aiming to supply only highly reliable products and services. No short term throw away solutions.
  • Light sources – On a case by case basis we aim to ensure the best trade-off between energy efficiency and aesthetic for projects.
  • Electronic supply of literature.
  • The highest quality components and assembly to ensure long product lifetime.

In the wider production, entertainment and system design community, steps are being taken to research, share and support a movement toward a more sustainable future. Further information can be found at the Sustainability in Production Alliance website.

This policy is valid for the realm(s) of ON LX Limited